When considering going away on vacation it’s always a concern, what will we do with our fur babies? It’s never fun leaving them in a place where they will be in a kennel or create the whole time you’re gone, and not given them the love you would give them if you weren’t gone. Addies Boarding takes all those worries away from you with their services of in home board. 

Addies Boarding was launched in November 2012.
Jim & Sandy Holderread owners of Addies Dog Grooming & Boarding, for 12 years raised Standard Poodles and then retiring from that in December 2011. Owning Addies Dog Grooming since 1995, there had been many times when their clients asked them about boarding their dogs. However, the building that is leased for grooming does not allow dogs to spend the night. Jim & Sandy thought since they were already set up in their home to handle more dogs why not offer boarding to their clients. They already had the room set up for their own dogs, and room to welcome more K9 guess. At night and when Jim & Sandy are gone the room is share with their own dogs and guess. The room is set up with individual dog crates for each dog. However, dogs are not in the crates all the time during their stay. They are encouraged to be part of the family as if they were home and some dogs are even allowed to sleep with Jim & Sandy on their bed. (Unlike most boarding places.) 
Addies Boarding also has two separate outside chained linked fenced in areas that is all concrete floors so dogs cannot dig out and escape. 

Addies Boarding Mission Statement
Is to provide a loving, safe and secure
Home for your dog, while away from your home in the comfort of our home.

Our mission is to provide a loving, safe and secure
Home for your dog, while away from your home in the comfort of our home…

Addies Dog Boarding Agreement

Boarding Date From: ____________________ To: ____________________
Boarding Fee is $15.00 per dog, per day. The day you bring your dog counts as the first day and the day you pick up your dog counts as the last day. Boarding Fees are due the day you bring your dog and are subject to change without notice, please contact for current rate.

Your Name: _______________________________________
Address: ___________________________ City: ________________________ State: _______ Zip Code: ___________
Home Phone: _______________________ Mobile Phone: ________________ Work Phone: _____________________
Name / Place where you can be reached: _______________________________ Phone: __________________________

Emergency Contact: __________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________
Please Note: Emergency contact should be able to make a decision about the care of your dog if we are unable to reach you in the case of an emergency.  

Your Veterinarian: ____________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________
If your dog has a medical need, and we are unable to reach you or your emergency contact, you authorize Addies medical release to have your dog treated at your veterinarian or a licensed veterinarian. You also agree full responsibility of payment for the veterinary services. 

Dog’s Name: _________________________________________ Breed: _______________________________________
Gender: ____Female ____Male Spayed/Neutered: ____Yes ____No Is your dog fully housebroken? ___Yes ___No
Has non-neutered male marked his territory? ____Yes ____No Micro-chipped: ____Yes ____No Has your dog ever jumped a fence? ____Yes ____No Has your dog ever gotten away from you? ____Yes ____No Has your dog ever exhibited aggressive behavior or bitten someone or another dog? ____Yes ____No If yes, please explain: ________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please bring enough dog food/treats for your dog. If we run out of food, Fromm dog food will be provided to your dog at a fee of $2.00/day. Feeding instructions (amount, time of day, etc.) ________________________________________

Vaccinations / Fleas:  
For the safety of all boarded dogs, we require proof of DLHPP, Rabies (Indiana State law) and Bordetella (kennel cough). 
We also require all dogs to be free of fleas. As a pre-caution, if your dog has fleas a Capstar we will administered. Capstar is an orally-administered tablet, providing fast and efficient treatment for fleas. Killing fleas within 30 minutes. Fee 2- 25 lbs. $5.50, 25.1 – 125 lbs. $7.00.

If your dog needs medication an additional charge of $2.00 per dose.

By signing below, you confirm all the above given information is correct and that you have read and fully understand and agree to all terms in this agreement. And agree to all fees.

Signature of owner: ______________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

Our Home Is Your Dogs While Your Gone