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Grooming Area
The Picture above shows our bathtub on the far left, it the white thing with rug in front of it. Sandy does all of the bathing and fluff drying of the dogs, no heat is used to dry out the hair and skin.
The front two tables are use for grooming and the back two tables are use for drying the dogs. Sandy can have 10 - 20 dogs bathed & dry, ready for me to groom in 4 -5 hours. I start with the grooming as soon as Sandy gets the first dog dry.
To:881 Lincolnway E.
Plymouth, IN 46563
Number and Street:

Addies Dog Grooming  is a full dog grooming service in located Plymouth, Indiana, Serving Plymouth and surrounding community.
Addies Dog Grooming is owned and operated by Jim & Sandy Holderread. They have owned have owned Addies since July 1, 1995.

Jim's duties are: grooming and specializing in scissoring, and customer service. Jim has over 30 years experience in grooming, you will not find any other groomer in  the Plymouth area with that much experiences.

Sandy's duties are: customer service, scheduling appointments, records keeping, and bathing - drying dogs.

They know your dog is an important member of  your family, and they promise to make your dog feel safe and comfortable while in their care.

Part of the grooming service at Addies Dog Grooming is to check the condition of your pet's skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth, and we can alert you to symptoms of common medical problems so you can consult with your veterinary early on. 

Regular grooming keeps your pet healthy and looking nice but most of all makes them feel Great! Recommend grooming to be done every 6 weeks. Puppies should get their first grooming done at 10-12 weeks of age so they can get use to everything that will be done to them.


Addies offer the following grooming services,
Basic grooming service are as follows:
• Breed cuts for the breed of your dog, if your dog is a mix breed a style that will           look good on your dog,-finished style to your specification. All cuts will be done       using clipper and scissor finishing.
• brushing out the coat
• bathing
• anal glands expressed
• fluffed drying
• trimming nails
• ears hair plucked & cleaned
• cologne

Prices vary by breeds, pet size, and coat condition, so feel free to call at (574) 936-4723 and ask for an estimate for your pet, and they will be happy to assist you in setting up your appointment for your dog.

Tuesday - Thursday
       7:00 AM est. - 5:00 PM est.
       6:00 AM est. - 5:00 PM est.
Saturday, Sunday, & Monday

All dogs with schedule appointments Tuesday - Friday must be dropped off for their grooming from opening for that day  and 8:30 AM.

All dogs MUST be brought in on a leash and be current on All Vaccines.

You can stay with your dog while it's being groom if you like, or they can call when its done or can give you a certain time to pickup your dog. Dogs can stay all day if need be.
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